Terms and Conditions

The provisions of the general terms and conditions apply to all products and supplement the provisions of existing legislation, including in particular:

Consumer Protection Act
Law on Electronic Commerce
Electronic Communications Act

Company Information

Long title: ZAVOD EKSENA PE EKSENA RECORDS Short name: EKSENA RECORDS Tax number: SI 89391071 Registration number: 3282465000 commitment to the VAT system: the company is liable for VAT Main activity: Corporate and Business Services Agent: PEČNIK MIRAN, Director, PEČNIK KSENIJA, director of the IBAN SI56 0600 0098 3585 731 (Banka Celje dd) 

The validity of general terms and conditions

Splošni pogoji poslovanja začnejo veljati na dan 20/11-2015


The purchaser is a natural person or legal entity, taking into account information transmitted during registration and the award of the contract. A natural person is only one registered or unregistered user who acquires or uses goods and services for purposes which are outside his trade or profession.

     - Price - the regular price at which the product is sold.
     - Reduced price - the reduced regular price at which the item is sold for a fixed or indefinite period.
     - Old price - the price at which the product is sold before the reduction.

All prices include VAT. Published prices are subject to change without notice. For each purchase, the prices at the time of contract award, except in the case of an error in the price. Despite the continual verification of the correctness of published data, it is possible that the published price is incorrect. A potential customer error will be immediately informed (by e-mail or telephone) and try to find a solution to our mutual satisfaction.

Orders, Payment, Delivery

Online order can be done as a registered or unregistered user. Before the completion of the contract, it is necessary to agree with the general conditions and commit to payment. Before clicking "Finish purchase" may be all the elements of the contract change and correct. After clicking on the button "Finish buy" order is complete, on the screen while you appears on successful completion of the contract. In the case of payment of the invoice is the tender 3 days of receipt of the invoice.


Payment is by invoice send to the email address you submitted. You will receive an order confirmation with an invoice. Payment deadline is 3 days after the receipt of the invoice. If at this time we do not receive payment on our account, we will be deemed to deviate from the contract and the order will be canceled.


Delivery is made on the territory of Slovenia and worldwide. Delivery orders will be carried out by registered payment by invoice within 2 to 5 working days from the date of receipt of payment on our account. The delivery of ordered goods carried Slovenian Post, normally in the morning. If upon delivery at the address given nobody, courier leaves a notice, the goods may in the next 15 days to pick up their mail. About a consignment we will notify you by e-mail. In the invoice shall also include the cost of sending the price of Post of Slovenia Slovenia or abroad, if the customer is in another country.

The cost of delivery will be charged in the invoice

Data of the availability of products refreshed once a day. Therefore, it is possible that the receipt of the order, the desired product is no longer in stock. In this case, we will immediately notify, any credited amount will be credited back to the desired account within 3 working days.

The purchase agreement between the buyer and the supplier is concluded when the buyer pays the amount received pro-forma invoice. We suggest that you save a copy of this agreement on your computer.

Buyer received a shipment of the invoice with the full specification of the cost of acquisition and transmission.


Eksena Records can order it determines that it is a misuse of online ordering, intolerance or that it is under these conditions can not be performed, shall be rejected.

Withdraw from the contract / Purchase

Natural persons who enter into a contract / purchasing at a distance in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, have the right, at the latest within fifteen days of receipt of goods to the address info@eksena-records.com communicate to deviate from the contract / purchase without them It should indicate the reason for its decision. Returning contract awarded to us by the deadline for withdrawal (15 days), is considered a notice of withdrawal from the contract / purchase. In the event that the buyer withdraws from the contract / purchase with communication info@eksena-records.com, it has received the goods intact and functioning, return to us within 30 days of the communication. Eksena Records the amount of the payment received for returned goods are transferred to the purchaser at his bank account within three days of receipt of returned goods. If the customer starts to use the product, but you think about it, lose the right to withdraw from the contract / purchase. Otherwise the goods received must be returned undamaged and in the same amount, unless the goods are destroyed, spoiled, lost or its quantity is reduced, without the fault of the buyer. The cost of returning the goods paid by the buyer.

If the order is carried out by a legal or natural person who is gainfully employed, irrespective of its legal form or ownership status and in cases where the purchase is carried out on the basis of contracts concluded at a distance, the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply. Any requests for the return of goods will in these and similar cases dealt with individually, taking the utmost account of all the reasons and circumstances.


Eksena Records is committed to the product before submission to the post office to verify, thereby confirming the operation, quality and content of the entire media. This provides, for each product is a 100% quality. Otherwise, the product will be submitted soon.


We reserve the right to substantive and administrative changes, such general terms as well as conditions of the online store. Despite the constant care for promptness and accuracy of published materials, were material errors websites as possible and no liability is accepted.


Published content are either owned by Ksenija Records, Training Centre Eksena whether the company Eksena Records, Training Centre Eksena for publication the author's consent. Any copying, listing, copying, imitation and dissemination without the knowledge and consent of Eksena Records, Training Centre Eksena is prohibited.